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Dry Suits

DRY SUITS are offered by many SCUBA GEAR & DIVE EQUIPMENT manufacturers. APOLLO DRYSUITS are the safest in the world due to their patented ankle valve system that makes buoyancy control a breeze and an uncontrolled feet first ascent a thing of the past. Apollo drysuits use only the highest quality Japanese Microcell Neoprene that minimises compression at depth while remaining both flexible and warm. Our SCUBA GEAR factories in Japan can custom make dry suits to any size and also provide a large range of off the shelf sizes.

Edge Drysuit

Underwater Scooters

UNDERWATER SCOOTERS are a great add on to our Scuba Gear line. Apollo leads the way in DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) technology. Our sea scooters are professional products that have given years of great service to recreational SCUBA, Commercial and Military divers.

Dive Equipment

Scuba Fins

The best SCUBA FIN in the world is part of our Dive Equipment offering… The Apollo Bio Fin Pro… has been independently voted “Testers Choice” and are recognised as the premier dive fin by industry peers for the last 10 years running. Apollo was the first scuba gear manufacturer to launch split fin technology to the world. Other diving equipment manufacturers have been unable to match the superior performance of the Apollo scuba fins. Functional design and the quality of materials set the Apollo scuba fin apart from all contenders.

scuba gear

Dive Masks

Other SCUBA GEAR & DIVE EQUIPMENT suppliers claim they have” the strongest most indestructible two-window diving mask ever”. Not quite true – Apollo’s DIVE MASK the Bio Metal Pro Stainless Steel is the only dive mask that can truly claim this right. Let’s see….A plastic framed diving mask as against Stainless Steel framed diving mask…guess who wins!!! By using a stainless frame that allows our two window mask to bring its lenses very close together over the bridge of the nose, the Apollo dive mask offers the best vision and optically correct dive mask available from scuba gear and dive equipment manufacturers the world over. Our ultra clear lenses offer exceptional clarity, no colour distortion and great light transference. Comfort is assured with our dual density silicon rubber skirt.

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SCUBA GEAR & DIVE EQUIPMENT from our specialist SCUBA WAREHOUSE. The experienced team at Scuba Online are dedicated to offering you the best quality dive equipment and scuba gear available

Our Scuba Warehouse has been operating since 1988. The Scuba Gear & Dive Equipment we offer from our Scuba Warehouse are all recognised major high quality scuba gear brands and are sold to the recreational, scientific, commercial, military divers in Australia, the South Pacific and throughout the world. Our dive equipment clients understand the difference and choose our quality brands over other scuba gear.

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