There are two military masks designed to meet the tough military requirements:
The BIO METAL PRO mask is a revolutionary new mask that sets new standards for fit and performance. This mask is made from ultra strong military grade stainless steel frame being the lowest volume mask made to date with the benefit of increased vision field and fit, and sealing comfort. Prescription lenses available, -1 to -9 in 1.0 increment.
The SV-2 PRO mask with CR-39 Lexan Lens designed especially for military use. This mask is ideal for SF Groups and SAR operators for high water entries. Our specialised lens offers additional safety against shattering upon impact. The mask is made from super soft and comfortable low volume black silicone skirt for a perfect fit with revolutionary push button buckles that allow quick and easy adjustments. The very low volume mask provides easy clearing and a wide field of view.

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