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Drysuit NEODIVER - Customisable

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sku: DS28040


Product details

Brand: Apollo


A custom made drysuit at an affordable price.

  • 3.5 mm for flexibility
  • Heat sealed for extra seam strength
  • Operon exterior lining for strength
  • Unique microcell neoprene gives warmth without bulk
  • Smooth nylon inner lining for superior warmth
  • Patented adjustable (and lockable) ankle dump valves
  • Patented dry dump valve on shoulder
  • 360 degree swivel inflator valve
  • Includes braces
  • Custom made in Japan
  • Delivery time approx. 4 weeks
  • Adjustable ankle valves!!
  • Experiment with different colour combinations to ensure your customers get exactly what they want!

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