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Bio-Metal Full Face Mask (Silicon Rubber) INTL. Model

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Brand: Apollo

Bio-Metal Full Face Mask (Silicon Rubber) INTL. Model

The Bio Full-face mask has been designed with superior vision in mind. For underwater construction & surveys, technical and military diving applications.
Bio Full-face mask features:
  • Designed to minimize internal volume, and maximize the field of vision
  • Fit your own second stage
  • The mask is equipped with an SBV (Surface Breathing Valve) on the left hand side
  • The mask flange is manufactured using silicon rubber. This material has proven resilience against many contaminants and a high tear strength
  • Two ports on each side of the mask that allow easy attachment of communication devices such as OTS Comms and a surface breathing valve.
  • The integrated mask is based on the famous Apollo Bio Metal Mask design and delivers the worlds best field of vision.
  • Unique "CPV" (Chin Purge Valve) for easy Mask clearing

Furthermore, this low volume ergonomically designed mask achieves the lowest dead space volume therefore reducing air consumption & C02 build-up.
Low distance between the eye and lens delivers an unparalleled field of vision.