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Product details

Brand: UTC

UDI's main features:

  • Two-way digital text messaging communicator
  • Diver SOS and Remote SOS
  • Homing tool
  • Compass
  • RGBM Diving computer including PC simulator
  • Diving logger PC connectivity

The technology is based on a system of networks. Each network links up to 14 divers via individual units worn on the lower arm with an elastic strap or attached on the inflator. A boat unit supports up to 4 networks using four different frequency ranges.

UDI is an essential tool for improving diving safety. It allows a diver to communicate with any other diver in the network and with the boat unit, without the need for cumbersome voice communication gear.

UDI is the ideal system for all divers – sport, professional and military. Its compact size and user-friendly interface ensure maximum benefits while remaining cost-effective, versatile and simple to use. Most importantly, with UDI, the diving experience is enhanced in ways never before possible.


UDI Brochure.pdf

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UDI User Manual Version 1.3.pdf

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