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sku: MS00060


Product details

Brand: Magswitch

Magswitch R5040 Switchable Marine Magnet


  • Fast Attach/Detach
  • Strong ON/Off Magnets
  • Speed repairs & Improve operations!
  • Above/below waterline!

Fastening to a ships hull for underwater repairs, inspection or operations can be tiring and difficult work for marine personnel. Requiring constant refinning to maintain location or time consuming complex tie-offs needing ongoing adjustment to match ever changing environment conditions.

Similarly, temporary docking or tethering above the waterline are challenging at best due to wave action, currents, and the lack of suitable tie off points.

Magswitch marine tethers provide super fast, super strong, switchable magnets that allow above & underwater operators to fasten themselves or their equipment whilst working on steel hulled ships or structures with just a flick of a switch.

With inbuilt switch locking, Magswitch marine tethers cannot be accidentally bumped off—fast, secure, strong.

Whether its securing people, equipment, welding, repairs, or even military operations, magswitch tethers are the fastest, easiest marine tether to use!


Magswitch Switchable Marine Magnet

* Breakaway force is determined in accordance with Test Methods outlined by the US Magnet Distributors and Fabricators Association 1997 using direct tensile breakaway force. Sheer holding force is approx 30% of total breakaway force. Environmental & workplace variables including contact surface thickness, composition, surface finish, coating and corrosion can affect breakaway forces. Always test operation prior to use.


Magswitch Marine Tether Tactical.pdf

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