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Logosease LGS-RG004 SAR

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Product details

Brand: CASIO Logosease

Logosease LGS-RG004 SAR

Search and Rescue model

LGS-RG004 SAR is pocket sized, cableless underwater walkie-talkie talking with a mouth piece of a regulator, communicating by ultrasonic wave and conveying sound with bone conduction. Communication is possible in the low visibility underwater, and moreover, approx. location of a speaking diver can be detected.

  • Max. depth: 55m
  • Max.communication range: 75m to150m *
  • Continuous working hours : approx. 3 hours
  • Communication range improved 30% compared to other Logosease
  • Easy to set - Just set it at the mask strap.
  • No additional equipment is needed - No need full-face mask for simple conversation.
  • Hard to get damaged - No cable, cover to open, nor switches which protect the unit from entering water inside. No battery liquid leakage due to USB charging.
  • Inexpensive and light weight - Easy maintenance and its cost is low.
  • Releases emergency signal - Certain volume of signal is released without consuming air.
  • Able to search the transmitting location - If a diver is closer to you, voice sounds louder
  • Able to use in disasters - Since commercially available USB adaptor is applicable, charging is available in the car cigarette lighter socket.
  • Able to grasp divers situation - Can get it in real time.


Logosease LGS-RG004 SAR


Outer package

89.0mm x 41.0mm x 44.8mm
Approx. 107g
Temperature in use:
0°C- 40°C

Audio section

Bone conduction microphone
Magnetic-type bone conduction speaker

Communication section

1 ch
(Ultrasound wave) 32KHz USB
(Band frequency) 4KHz,SSB-AM basis
*There is no law regulations for use of ultrasound underwater in Japan
Ceramic piezoelectric element
Max. communication range:
75 - 150m
*The communication range depends on the using condition (location of your buddy and sea condition)
Direction effect:
Power of communication will be max. when front side of antenna of each divers faces each other. It will be min. when they are facing opposite side.

Display (LED)

Transmitting mode:
Pink is On
Receiving mode:
Yellow is blinking
Whistle mode:
Red is blinking
LED in charging:
Red is ON
LED after charging:
LED is off after charging completed.


Receiving mode -> Transmitting mode:
Tap once in Receiving mode-> Transmitting starts
VOX in Receiving mode-> Transmitting starts
Transmitting mode-> Receiving mode:
Tap once in Transmitting mode-> Transmitting ends (Receiving starts) No speaking for 3 sec. in T@nsmitting mode-> Transmitting ends (Receiving starts)


Flash memory:

Power switch

Power becomes ON by detecting water
Automatically turns OFF in 1 minute after removed from water.


560mAh with Li-ion battery
Charging method:
By USB (approx, 2 hours with 500mA for full charge)
Continuous working time:
Approx. 3 hours. (assuming 10% of the time is used for transmitting)
Yamagata Casio replaces Li-ion battery.

Other functions

Voice recording:
Records conversation in diving underwater. (max. 480 min. recording)
Customizing tool:
Several settings are available by connecting PC (Windows only).
Training mode:
Plays your recorded voice at once.
Whistle mode:
Certain volume of signal is released (with no air consuming).
Dive computer alarm support:
Voice or beep is released reacted by the alarm of specific dive computers
Voice guide:
Recorded voice tells you operation and current mode.


Cradle, USB cable, Strap, Speech training sheet.

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