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Introducing the NEW pocket-sized metal cutting tool. An innovative, fundamental new approach to cutting metal under any conditions.


FIREPEN - is made from a unique chemical composition which makes it possible to cut through steel ropes, grills, pipes, fittings and other metal products in a matter of seconds!

FIREPEN - Is intended to cut metal products at places where there is no electrical or gas source. It is completely autonomous and requires no source of energy, and even burns underwater.

FIREPEN - Is irreplaceable under extreme conditions.

FIREPEN - Is easy to use. Requiring no professional welding skills. Only the appropriate safety gear.

FIREPEN - Is portable, ready for immediate use.




Burning time - 20 (+/- 2) seconds
Length - 300 mm Diameter - 15 mm
Combustion Temperature - 2800oC
Ignition Temperature - 1300oC