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bio-regulator a-320 DIN Nrx

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Brand: Apollo

Regulator BIO A-320 Nitrox Cleaned - DIN Connection Fitting With Adjustable 2nd Stage

If You want the best regulator!!! You just found it

The A-320 first stage regulator is combined with the latest Apollo Adjustable Bio 2nd stage to give you the perfect 1st and 2nd stage combination to suit any diving application

Under heavy workloads you may require more air than normal from your regulator. The new Apollo Bio adjustable 2nd stage allows you to increase the air flow of your regulator with the twist of a knob

  • Extra durable satin chrome-plated brass body
  • Fully balanced and environmentally sealed depth compensating high performance 1st stage
  • Includes new BAS second stage
  • This modern, sleek design will easily handle pressures up to 345 BAR or 5000PSI
  • Made from durable satin chrome plated marine brass with a three (3) year HP seat warranty and reusable stainless steel filter
  • Our compact, swiveling 2nd stage leads the way in comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
  • Internal bypass-venturi system for easy breathing
  • New non-stick, anti-bacterial (Zeomic) plating on internal 1st and 2nd stage parts offers unrivalled protection against corrosion and bacterial formation
  • Apollo hoses are uniquely designed with anti cut swaged fittings
  • The A-320 first stage is available in either a DIN or Yoke fittings
  • Supplied ready to use and Nitrox cleaned to 40% straight out of the box


Double Diaphragm System

The Bio regulator has double diaphragm system that prevents any water from entering the 1st stage. If there is no water inside the 1st stage you eliminate the possibility of any corrosion

The Double Diaphragm System makes the Bio regulator ideal for cold water diving. If water enterers the 1st stage it is possible for metal components to freeze. By eliminating water entry in to the 1st stage you also prevent metal components from possibly freezing and then sticking which would prevent the 1st stage from working correctly

Stainless Steel Bucket Mesh Filter

The Apollo Stainless Steel Bucket Mesh Filter has more surface area than standard flat filters. The bucket filter with a larger surface area gives it the ability to filter the incoming gas from the scuba cylinder without reducing air flow

Regulators that do not use Stainless Steel Filters need to be replaced when serviced. The Apollo Stainless Steel Bucket Mesh Filter is cleanable and then reused. By reusing the filter you reduce the parts cost of an annual service.

High Pressure Seat

The Apollo High Pressure Seat is made from incredibly tough urethane.

This Apollo High Pressure Seat has gone through an extensive testing program. The High Pressure Seats are tested and can perform 3,000,000 breath cycles or approximately 3,000 dives

The Apollo High Pressure Seat has been tested to temperatures of -29°C with no reduced performance

Apollo Guarantee their High Pressure Seats for 3 years (conditions apply)

Viton O-ring

All O-rings used on the 1st and 2nd stage are made from Viton this allows Nitrox use up to 40% straight out of the box

Bio Air System

B.A.S. means Bio Air System. Apollo use a high performance internal bypass venturi system in the 2nd stage.

The internal bypass venture system supplies smooth consistent gas to the irrespective of the air pressure and change of depth

Low Pressure Hose with Swiveling Ball Joint

The Apollo high quality hose has ball shaped joint that allows the 2nd stage 39°movement to each side.

The Apollo Low Pressure Hose with Ball Joint leads the world in comfort and reduced jaw fatigue

Corrosion Repellent Plating

The metal components of both the 1st and 2nd stage of the regulator are processed using a corrosion repellant plating (Zeomic Plating) This offers you unrivalled protection against corrosion and bacterial formation

Purge Cover

The soft durable purge cover is made from high quality polyurethane

Air Flow Adjusting Knob

Simple and easy to operate

Turn the adjusting knob clockwise to decrease gas volume supply. Turn the adjusting knob anti-clockwise to increase gas volume supply

Spare parts

Regulator 1st stage a-320 DIN 5/8 schematic

Regulator 2nd stage bio after 2010 schematic