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Bio Fin Ranger (Rubber Straps)

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sku: FN08490


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Brand: Apollo

Bio-Fin Ranger with Rubber Strap

Tough, light & compact... performance without compromise

  • Fits both Amphibious boots and standard Military footwear.
  • A tough Natural rubber based blade provides exceptional maneuverability and explosive trust.
  • Propeller-fin technology - proven to reduce fatigue and maximize endurance.
  • Soft comfortable foot pocket with anti-slip high traction sole (easy to walk in).
  • Negatively buoyant, if the operator is required to discard the fin it will sink to the bottom so as not to alert others of the operator's presence.
  • The rubber strap provides a wider range of adjustability and adaptability to those size and shape variations as long as shoes and boots can fit into the fin boots pocket.


Bio-Fin Ranger with Rubber Strap

Main component: Natural rubber
Hardness: 75o
Colour: Black
Strap: Apollo Rubber Strap

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