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sku: AG03496


Product details

Brand: Apollo

AG-112 BIO Gauges - SPG, Depth & Compass

A new triple combo gauge with electronic SPG.

  • Electronic SPG adds an automatic alarm and light.
  • Rugged design.
  • Highly accurate depth and pressure gauge that can be recalibrated if unit is damaged.
  • Maximum depth indicator.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • Accurate and reliable compass with rotating bezel.
  • Integrated clip loop on boot means no more dragging gauges.
  • Fully serviceable. This is not a throw-away unit.

Brightness Perception System

  • After attaching your regulator to the cylinder turn on the air
  • To turn on the green gauge light just pass daylight or your torch light over the face of the Bio gauge and it will automatically turns on (Flashing)
  • When your cylinder pressure reaches 5Mpa the orange alarm light automatically turn on (Flashing)
  • After diving remove the regulator from the cylinder. This will automatically turn off the bio-gauge functions