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Apollo DPV AVX

Apollo's advanced underwater vehicle, the AVX DPV can be used for Military, Commercial or Recreational use.Main Underwater Scooter AVX features - ... more

Midland Video Camera

Midland Video Camera- 1080p True HD Wearable Action Camera- First Person Point Of View Video & Audio- Records with the flip of a switch- Includes ... more

Scubaonline Interview Tim Bonner

Mr Tim Bonner make a cmprehensive presentation of Apollo Australia and its new website The main target is to provide a better supp ... more

Aquabionic warp 1 - The Worlds Most Advanced Fin

With its warp technology CETATEK introduces the world's first water adapting responsive propulsion system for fins. The warp1 uses patent pending ... more

Pictalk - Tips for Capturing Fireworks

... more

Flooded ExtendAir and Granule CO2 absorbents

Flooded ExtendAir and Granule CO2 absorbents - visual demoThe ExtendAir® CO2 absorbents have been developed for use in military, commercial and re ... more

Apollo Australia Military and Scuba products brief review

Apollo Australia - underwater equipment and boarding leaders military supplier.A live chat between Tim Bonner, the director of Apollo Australia P/L an ... more

Vindicator Valve Handle

The Vindicator Valve Handle was designed to be an easy to read safety device made to prevent divers from starting a dive with their air partially turn ... more

Pictalk - Exploring the Art Filters

... more

Atlas Powered Ascender

... more

Aquabionic Fins

The new aquabionic warp technology provides fins with the ability to instantly adapt and continuously change based on the demands of the diver. The un ... more

Shark Protection - Electronic Shark Defense System

Video above shows sharks dodging a bag of fish when the device is nearby, then shredding it to smithereens when the unit is taken away.Products availa ... more

Apollo avx housing manufacturing process

... more

AVX Preasure Test

... more

Apollo Underwater Scooter AVX

... more

Underwater Activities Ridding Av2 Scooter

... more

Fun with AV2 scoter

... more

Diving with Scooter

... more

Bio Fins

... more

Bio Fins Sumary

... more

AV2 Scooter Advantages Benefits Testing

... more

AV2 Saddle Riding and Wings usage instruction

... more

Fun with Apollo Scooters

... more

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