ApolloAustralia P/L is ISO certified.

Apollo Australia is ISO 9001:2008 certified. During last months Apollo Australia went through the process of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – Audit and Certification. Quality Management Systems with ISO 9001 certification is the the world’s most recognised business management standard and it has been adopted across all industry types from manufacturing through professional service… Read more »

Scubaonline – Interview Tim Bonner

Mr Tim Bonner make a cmprehensive presentation of Apollo Australia and its new website scubaonline.com.au. The main target is to provide a better support to the Apollo Australia dealers.

Apollo Australia Military and Scuba products brief review

Apollo Australia – underwater equipment and boarding leaders military supplier. A live chat between Tim Bonner, the director of Apollo Australia P/L and Ian Garrett. Apollo Australia provides all information about products through two main websites: scubaonline.com.au and apollomilitary.com