Templates (order templates)

Your own templates

If you use to purchase specific products on regular basis you can use order templates.

How it works?

  • Let suppose you wish to buy mask, snorkels, tanks and rebreathers every 3 or 4 months, many sizes and colours. It may be quite stressful to look for them through all products and add to the order again and again anytime you wish to buy.
  • Create the order only once (add all products to the order). After you finished adding products click on [Save this order as template] button. Then go to Templates section of the Ordering system. You will find your just created template there. It has a predefined name “My template_”, edit it and to give a name that will help you to easy identify it in future .
  • This template will never be deleted and will stay there as long as you do not delete it.
  • You can create anytime a new order from any existing template as simple as that: go to Template area (click on My templates), edit the corresponding template from the list and click on [Create a new order from this templates].
  • You can edit and alter anytime any template that was created by you.

Special templates

In “My Templates” area, under your templates you find templates created for you by ScubaOnline sales persons / office operators.

These are done to make your life easy or they may be good deals (discounted items, more reward points) for you.

You ca use them just like you use your templates except you cannot alter them (use them as they are).