Repairs or return

You can apply a product to be repaired does not matter if it was or not bought from Apollo Australia P/L. The application can be approved or not based on specific circumstances

If a product is under warranty and if the warranty for that product was previously approved then the procedure is quite simple:

  • Go to “My warranties”, select corresponding warranty from the list
  • Click on “Repair” button. You will be taken to the Repair application and all product and purchase details will be filled for. All you have to do is to describe the fault and attach images if applicable.
  • If product has never been registered (and approved ) for warranty on ScubaOnline website you have to fill in all details.

Dealers can ask for “bulk” return operation. A specific form must be filled in and submitted.

All data and transactions about any products warranty, repairs and return are recorded and can be viewed anytime (History button)