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Full Face Folding Snorkel Mask

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sku: MA16000S


Product details

Brand: Ocean Design

Full Face Folding Snorkel Mask

Full face snorkeling mask designed to make breathing in water, as natural as on land. It comes with the mount to attach GoPro camera housing on to the mask to shoot stunning videos.

**This mask is not designed for Free Diving or Spear Fishing.

**GoPro camera or the water proof housing is not included with the purchase**

How to choose the right size?

Step 1. Measure the distance between Nose bridge to bottom of the chin.

Step 2. If the distance is less than 12 cm (4.8 inches), Choose Small/Medium.

Step 3. If the distance is more than 12 cm (4.8 inches), Choose Large/XL.