You can purchase from ScubaOnline website in two steps:

  •  Add products to your current support
  •  Preview your order and Confirm it. Preview order button is always available in products area

Only logged in users can make purchases

You can start adding products to your current order anytime and you can confirm that order later. To continue / confirm an order that was started in the past go to Orders section of the website and edit corresponding order from the order list

You can have as many orders started as you wish, however, if an order is not confirmed in 6 (six) months time it will be deleted. The ordering system keep all your unsubmitted (not confirmed) orders until you confirm or delete them.

Please always check total value of the order before confirming it. You can do it anytime by clicking on [Save and update this support] button while you edit the order

While you are on ScubaOnline website, on the very bottom line of your browser there area always shown all your unsubmitted orders # and just right to the “TOP” button it is shown the current order# or “New order” button.

  • If you click on “New order” then a new order will be created and setup as your current order (you will add product to).
  • If you click on any order# then you will be taken to order area and you will edit that order (and set it as current order)

Anytime you edit an order that order will be set as current order.

As long as you can have multiple orders started, you must have setup a current order if you wish to make purchases (allow the system to know on which order you will add products to).

By default when you click on “My orders”:

  • If there is any current order then you will be taken to your current ordre (Edit)
  • If there is no current order set you will be taken to orders list