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  • Military Masks

    Military Masks

    There are two military masks designed to meet the tough military requirements:

    The BIO METAL PRO mask is a revolutionary new mask that sets new standards for fit and performance. This mask is made from ultra strong military grade stainless steel frame being the lowest volume mask made to date with the benefit of increased vision field and fit, and sealing comfort. Prescription lenses available, -1 to -9 in 1.0 increment.

    The SV-2 PRO mask with CR-39 Lexan Lens designed especially for military use. This mask is ideal for SF Groups and SAR operators for high water entries. Our specialised lens offers additional safety against shattering upon impact. The mask is made from super soft and comfortable low volume black silicone skirt for a perfect fit with revolutionary push button buckles that allow quick and easy adjustments. The very low volume mask provides easy clearing and a wide field of view.

    Read more about our military mask.

  • Sunglasses


    gloryfy unbreakable glasses made of NBFXTM return to their original position even after strong deformation! New technologies are tested and research results are integrated and implemented into the production of unbreakable products in the company’s own lab.

    Find here Defence & Gouvernment models: GUARDIAN Polarised Wolfgrey Sun Glasses

  • Military Snorkel

    Military Snorkel

    Snorkel designed specifically for spearfishing and free diving. Made from quality materials such as hypoallergenic silicone for anatomical designed mouthpiece and tube built from a special polymer with amazing memory properties that allows the snorkel to bend against objects and then spring back into its original position.

    Tough and comfortable to wear, our range caters for all levels of SCUBA applications.

  • Military Fins

    Military Fins

    Split Fins made from natural rubber, these fins have the reputation of being the best overall fin in the world. These military fins use a brilliant new technology that gives extra speed and strength while virtually eliminating muscle cramping and reducing air consumption by up to 40%. The split fin design offers fantastic power and speed with little effort. The military fins are available with spring straps and rubber straps with quick release clips. BIO PRO military fins are stiffer for faster and stronger propulsion with a firmer feel.

    See our military fins range

  • Military Regulators

    Military Regulators

    SCUBA Regulators for military diving: High performance regulators that provide increased diving performance and comfort, reduce weight and lower annual service cost. Also exclusive to Apollo is the revolutionary new hydrocarbon plating used on all 1st and 2nd stage metal parts to repel water and debris, virtually eliminating corrosion and bacterial formation.

    Choose one of Apollo's SCUBA regulators for a pleasurable and effortless diving experience.

  • Clean Air System

    Clean Air System

    Clean Air System: Moisturised air reduces chances of decompression sickness while large quantities of negative ions help you stay refreshed, energised and alert.

    Apollo patented moisturiser unit eliminates dry throat and reduces the chance of decompression sickness. A charcoal filter eliminates impurities for extra pure air.

    Buy the Apollo bio filter or bio micro filter for your regulator now.

  • Military BCD Jackets

    Military BCD Jackets

    Military BCD Jackets: Apollo buoyancy compensators will drastically increase your comfort and FREE you from worry and struggle while you dive. A harness system supports better posture and increased stability when you're trekking to your dive spot. An Aircross system ensures optimum position, which reduces effort to stay upright, and allows you to comfortably relax when resting at the surface.

    For your comfort and performance choose one of these BCDs built to suit military applications.

  • Military Buckles

    Military Buckles

    The Apollo expandable buckle is spring loaded and automatically adjusts your belt as your suit compresses and keeps your weight belt firmly in place adding to your safety. This buckle is suitable for use in military applications.

  • Military Gauges

    Military Gauges

    Apollo gauges provide the diving data you need at a glance and add extra safety to diving. Apollo is the first to produce a digital gauge and works continuously to make diving easier, safer and more comfortable.

    Apollo has a wide range of dive gauges from wrist mounted dive gauges, compact unit dive gauges to combo dive gauges. This category highlights Apollo gauges suitable for military diving applications.

  • Military Knives

    Military Knives

    Military knives are made from super lightweight and strong titanium, ensuring no rust and have non-magnetic characteristics with a self-draining sheath, serrated top edge for sawing and line cutting, and a secure handgrip. A neoprene leg harness for comfort and automatic compensation for wetsuit compression, twin lock sheath and the most effective locking mechanism available today will complete the feature of these military knives.

    See our range of military knives.

  • Military Lights

    Military Lights

    SCUBA lights for military uses have the versatility to be attached to a diver mask. These lights have an estimated continuous lighting time of 6-8hours and are lightweight. All our military lights use LED technology.

    Browse our military light category for more details

  • Military Boots & Gloves

    Military Boots & Gloves

    Military dive applications with comfort in mind: comfortable and sturdy boots and extra durable, warm diving gloves.

    Our great range of military diver gloves are popular with divers requiring dexterity underwater. These gloves are stitched and glued for extra durability, while adding superior warmth, extra stretching and flexibility.

  • Military Tactical Boots

    Military Tactical Boots

    Tactical Land Boots are designed and engineered by New Balance in alliance with OTB to deploy footwear needs required by tough military operations. These military boots are designed to provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable to a rugged environment. Also, the good ventilation, which provides foot breathability, is another attribute of these military boots and they are specialised for certain climates and conditions, such as the jungle, desert, and cold weather environments.

    See our range of military boots

  • Military Drysuits

    Military Drysuits

    Drysuits which offer comfort and thermal protection during tactical applications. Sealing off water access at the neck, wrist, ankle, and seams substantially reduces the amount of material necessary for warmth. Apollo utilizes microcell rather than crushed neoprene for the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

    The Apollo's drysuit range is designed to cater for every military divers needs.

  • Military Cylinders

    Military Cylinders

    SCUBA tanks supplied by Apollo are high quality aluminium SCUBA cylinders constructed especially to meet Australian safety standards in the SCUBA diving industry. Every cylinder is produced from high strength aluminium alloy 6061-T6.

    Choose one of our cylinders complete with Din/K Valve or just the cylinders you need for your diving safety.

  • Cylinder Mounting Systems

    Cylinder Mounting Systems

    Innovative ideas to keep you safe while diving: bio-tank lock, which secures your diving tank in seconds and a twin mounting block to secure a twin cylinder configuration. More comfort, additional cylinder capacity, easy and effortless use.

  • Military Dry Bags

    Military Dry Bags

    Watershed military dry bags are designed and constructed to be fully submersible, airtight dry bags. Watershed created and patented a waterproof closure system without equal that is an elegantly simple alternative to cumbersome roll-down bags that fail when submerged or left in standing water.

    Watershed military dry bags are made from fabric that will withstand years of abrasion, UV exposure, temperature extremes, and possible exposure to fuels and chemicals. On top of this, sheets of polyurethane film are applied to the nylon, creating an airtight fabric with exceptional wear and adhesion qualities.

    Radio frequency waves are applied to all seams under intense pressure, creating a fused bond that will never come undone.

    Each and every dry bag is inspected to ensure that it is 100% leak proof. Military specific webbing, hardware, and stitching complete the details.

    Keeping critical gear dry can be a matter of survival; this is why ScubaOnline have dedicated category for Watershed military dry bags.

  • Military Bags

    Military Bags

    The military bag wheeled gear will offer comfort when travelling. Made from rugged nylon with PVC coating and a heavy-duty non-corrosive zip, this bag is ideal for military operations. Our military bag is a stand up design with a hideaway, retractable luggage handle and big capacity.

    Read more about this military bag.

  • Military Scooters DPV

    Military Scooters DPV

    Military Underwater Scooter: Underwater scooter that provide the power for military operations. Underwater scooters from Apollo will allow you to go deeper and faster, with amazing progressive speed control! Service and replacement parts are available for these underwater scooters.

    Some of the main features of these underwater scooters are the saddle scooter for free riding, saddle wings for additional attachment points, variable speed control, progressive acceleration system, LED life indicator of the underwater scooter battery.

    Riding horizontally in front of the underwater scooter streamlines the body and scooter, reducing drag and dramatically improving both speed and distance travelled on a single battery charge. In addition, both hands are free for carrying lights, cameras or other underwater equipment.

    Read more about our military underwater scooters.

  • Military Underwater Comm

    Military Underwater Comm

    Underwater communications system for commercial and military applications.

    The revolutionary Underwater Digital Interface (UDI) device combines world-first two-way digital messaging technology, SOS and homing capabilities, a state-of-the-art dive computer and a 3D compass for a complete underwater system that lets you share, connect and stay safe.

  • Cord Reels

    Cord Reels

    Reeling Solutions dedicated to resolve the occupational health & safety (OH&S) issues associated with cable management and handling of cables, ropes, hoses and wires using innovative Australian manufactured high quality products.

    The high quality, ergonomic, hand held reeling devices are suitable to worldwide defence organisations, emergency services, the aerospace industry, the mining industry, maritime industry, telecommunications industry, energy companies, geophysics and more.

  • Magnets - Magswitch

    Magnets - Magswitch

    Magswitch Tactical Marine Tethers

    Genuine Magswitch magnets are the powerful non-electric switchable magnetic devices with applications to meet the high performance demands of the industry coupled with the fidelity to handle the most delicate specifications.

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