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Drysuit: Perfect Drysuit defined by Apollo; one that is so simple to use that there is no discernible difference between diving in drysuit and diving in a wetsuit. Basically, divers want the warmth of a drysuit with all the advantages of a wetsuit.

What sets Apollo's drysuit line apart from the others is an advanced computer-aided design system that provides for a complete custom fit; a new material called microcell neoprene for your drysuit; and, state-of-the-art hardware attached to drysuit.

Fit is everything. It determines the comfort, drag and ease of swimming of the suit. Apollo employs an advanced computer-aided design system that utilizes up to 32 measurements in making each suit from scratch for each individual customer.

Drysuit Measurement - Men

Drysuit Measurement - Women

Order your custom drysuit today for more warmth and comfort while SCUBA diving.

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