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    Drysuit: Apollo drysuits provide thermal protection and is worn by SCUBA divers who are often exposed to cooler water temperatures. Sealing off waters access at neck, wrist, ankle, and seams substantially reduces the amount of material necessary for warmth. Thicker neoprene is unnecessary, harder to move in and requires you to wear more weight when diving. Apollo utilizes microcell rather than crushed neoprene for the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

    Despite its modest price tag, Apollo's new Edge drysuit leads the way in recreational diving in Australia.

    More Features! More Safety! The Edge drysuit was designed to cater for every divers need.

    Compare the price advantage, the extra features, the performance and the style that make the drysuit from Apollo the 'Best Buy' drysuit available. Get your drysuit now for more comfort while you dive.

  • Custom Drysuit

    Custom Drysuit

    Drysuit: Perfect Drysuit defined by Apollo; one that is so simple to use that there is no discernible difference between diving in drysuit and diving in a wetsuit. Basically, divers want the warmth of a drysuit with all the advantages of a wetsuit.

    What sets Apollo's drysuit line apart from the others is an advanced computer-aided design system that provides for a complete custom fit; a new material called microcell neoprene for your drysuit; and, state-of-the-art hardware attached to drysuit.

    Fit is everything. It determines the comfort, drag and ease of swimming of the suit. Apollo employs an advanced computer-aided design system that utilizes up to 32 measurements in making each suit from scratch for each individual customer.

    Drysuit Measurement - Men

    Drysuit Measurement - Women

    Order your custom drysuit today for more warmth and comfort while SCUBA diving.

  • Drysuits Accessories

    Drysuits Accessories

    Drysuits Accessories: Along with our range of drysuits, Apollo also provides accessories to be worn or used to improve comfort and maintenance of the drysuit: undergarments, wrist seals, neck seals, ankle weights, drysuit hangers, comfort tubes, drysuit lube sticks and so on.

    Complete your drysuit with an Apollo Drysuit accessory.

APOLLO DRYSUITS are the safest in the world due to their patented ankle valve system that makes buoyancy control a breeze and an uncontrolled feet first ascent a thing of the past. Apollo drysuits use only the highest quality Japanese Microcell Neoprene that minimises compression at depth while remaining both flexible and warm. Our SCUBA GEAR factories in Japan can custom make dry suits to any size and also provide a large range of off the shelf sizes.

Also a variety of drysuits accessories are available on ScubaOnline to complete the your existent gear.

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