Dive Equipment Print Catalogue

  • Dive Masks

    Dive Masks

    SCUBA Masks: Apollo SCUBA masks are made from soft surgical grade silicone skirt. The skirt is designed to collapse accordion style, creating a better seal and eliminating stress points on delicate facial skin. Integrated drainage channels in the skirt allow hands-free clearing by simply looking up and exhaling through your nose. All Apollo masks are designed to provide the optimum in comfort and field of vision. Whether diving or snorkelling, the mask is one of the most important pieces of your equipment.

    Apollo SCUBA Mask Features:

    Crystal or Black Silicone Skirt
    Low volume
    Easy clearing
    Wide field of vision
    Many colours available
    Optical lenses available
    Stylishly designed for looks and performance

    With Apollo dive masks, enjoy an ultimate, stress free diving adventure every time you enter the water.

  • Mask Accessories

    Mask Accessories

    Increase the versatility and comfort of your mask while diving by adding our mask accessories. Add different mask straps for your comfort while SCUBA diving, add a spectrum lens to your mask to see better even in dark conditions or attach a magnifier lens to your mask to see everything enlarged.

    Click on our mask accessories section to find out the accessory you need for your mask.

  • Masks Prescription Lenses

    Masks Prescription Lenses

    Prescription Lenses for SCUBA Masks: If you wear prescription lenses and worry about not seeing anything underwater with your glasses off, Apollo supplies lenses made from a high quality optical safety glass with your prescription requirements that can be mounted inside any of the following masks.

    Any Bio Metal Pro, Bio Metal DUO and Bio Metal Dive Mask. And SV2 SCUBA Mask Pro.

    Choose the Prescription Lenses that suits you and your mask.

  • Dive Snorkels

    Dive Snorkels

    Snorkel Gear: Apollo offers snorkels in a variety of models and colours. From recreational snorkelling to military missions, Apollo's range of snorkel gear covers your needs and requirements.

    Enjoy more of your snorkelling equipped with a snorkel and mask from Apollo.

    Find Apollo snorkel gear at high quality standards and competitive prices here.

  • Snorkel Accessories

    Snorkel Accessories

    Snorkel Clips available on ScubaOnline will keep your snorkel connected to the mask but can also easily detach from the mask for comfort while snorkelling.

    Choose the Snorkel Clip right for you.

  • Dive Fins

    Dive Fins

    Apollo Bio Fins: Apollo Bio Fins are the worlds NUMBER ONE dive fins and have been for over 10 years. The Apollo Bio Fins have been chosen as 'Testers Choice' by the prestigious Annual SCUBA Lab test 10 times in a row. Military divers use Apollo Bio Fins more than any other dive fin in the world. Apollo Bio Fins are made from 100% natural rubber ensuring strength, durability and longevity - these fins will last a lifetime. Apollo Bio Fins utilise split fin technology. Apollo was the first in the world to adopt split fin technology and is still producing this innovative design, which has not been bettered.

    The Apollo Bio Fin comes in two different configurations: the Bio Fin Pro and the Bio Fin Pro XT (extra torque).

    Bio Fin Pro: Being built from a more flexible rubber compound than the XT model, the Bio Fin Pro comes into its own for medium and long distance swims where energy consumption is at a premium. You will swim these fins all day long without cramping up.
    The design of our military fin makes it ideal for helicopter airdrops. If secured to the body during free fall and / or static line drops the fin will bend to the curve of the leg or torso to minimize entanglements etc. Because the flexible split blade design offers only minimal resistance upon water entry operators may choose to wear the Bio Fin during low level helicopter insertion water drops.
    Both surface and subsurface operations are aided by the innovative propulsion design that reduces air consumption and fatigue by up to 40% over conventional blade fins.

    Bio Fin Pro XT: The outstanding feature of the XT Fin is the power. You can use the XT to traverse strong currents or deploy boarding ladders etc. You are able to achieve this due to the 30% stiffer blade, which delivers the extra torque you require. This enables you to do tasks that other fins cannot cope with.
    Being a 30% stiffer fin, the Apollo Bio Fin Pro XT has proved exceptional for both short and medium distance water operations.
    This design produces the extra power required when an operator is carrying heavier loads, is in and out of inflatable boats (RHIBS) or for very fast shorter distance swims. Lower air consumption and fatigue reduction still apply.

    Do you want value for money? Do you want superior performance? Do you want the best? Then there is only one answer buy the Apollo Bio-Fins..

  • Fins Accessories

    Fins Accessories

    Anything you need to keep your fins in good conditions: spring straps, rubber straps, fins springs, fin buckles or fin heel protectors.

    Buy now from ScubaOnline the accessories that you need for your fins.

  • Dive Regulators

    Dive Regulators

    SCUBA Regulator: Apollo's new SCUBA regulators have been re-designed to increase performance and comfort, reduce the weight and lower annual service cost. The stainless steel mesh filter of Apollo's SCUBA regulators can now be cleaned rather than replaced annually. The new bucket shape replaces a typical flat filter for optimum airflow. The new longwearing polyurethane seat is exclusive to Apollo and has a 3-year warranty! Also exclusive to Apollo is the revolutionary new Hydrocarbon plating used on all 1st and 2nd stage metal parts to repel water and debris, virtually eliminating corrosion and bacterial formation.

    For SCUBA diving, it is granted that an ample air supply comes first, but no less crucial is the quality of air. Choose one of Apollo's SCUBA regulators for a pleasurable and effort-less diving experience.

  • Clean Air System

    Clean Air System

    Clean Air System: Apollo's patented moisture system can now be added to almost any brand regulator. The Bio-Filter is easy to install, use, and maintain. It is also great as an addition to a rental regulator when traveling. The moisture system assures clean moisturized air.

    Click here for more information on what Apollo's Clean Air System can do for you.

  • Regulator Accessories

    Regulator Accessories

    A comprehensive range of SCUBA diving regulator accessories available here on ScubaOnline store: Regulators 1st Stage Balanced and Unbalanced, filters for regulators, DIN to Yolk adaptors, Mouldable Mouthpieces, Octopus Mouthpiece Holders, Predator Mouthpiece Cover, DIN Cap, Snappy Octopus Holder and more

    Enhance your regulator with valuable features by buying one of our regulator accessories.

  • Dive Octopus

    Dive Octopus

    SCUBA Octopus: Apollo's compact, swivelling 2nd stage octopus leads the way in comfort and reduced jaw fatigue. Also Apollo’s octopus is built with internal bypass-venturi system for easy breathing.
    New non-stick, anti-bacterial (Zeomic) plating on internal 2nd stage parts offers unrivalled protection against corrosion and bacterial formation.

    Apollo's Octopus is the best choice when is needed an alternate second stage air source used by a diver's buddy in an out-of-air situation, or reserve 2nd stage regulator.

  • Buoyancy Compensators

    Buoyancy Compensators

    BCDs: Apollo buoyancy compensator will increase your comfort, provide safety and enhance your overall dive experience. The harness system supports better posture and increased stability when you're trekking to your dive spot. The Aircross system ensures optimum position, which reduces effort to stay upright, and allows you to comfortably relax when resting at the surface. No more tank slippage; our patented bio-tank lock ensures a firm grip on your tank both at the surface and underwater. Body hugging harness, vest, and depth compensating cummerbund ensure a snug fit throughout your dive. No more struggling with a vest that wants to shift because of a loose waist belt or the weight of the tank. It is better for your back and you can enjoy your diving for longer. So many exclusive features and it is weight integrated too!

    For your comfort choose now one of our BCDs.

  • Buoyancy Compensator Accessories

    Buoyancy Compensator Accessories

    Now your Buoyancy Compensator can be completed with amazing and useful accessories: an alternate air source with an Octopus Predator Air Plus, BCD power inflator, Tank Lock Secure and BCD Clip to anchor three different gauges / hoses with one clip.

    These Buoyancy Compensator accessories will increase your safety during SCUBA diving. Feel free to choose Buoyancy Compensator accessories that are right for you.

  • Dive Gauges

    Dive Gauges

    Dive Gauges: Apollo is the first to produce a digital gauge. Apollo works continuously to make diving easer, safer and more comfortable. Apollo gauges provide the diving data at a glance and add extra safety to diving.

    Apollo has a wide range of dive gauges from wrist dive gauges, compact unit dive gauges to combo dive gauges.

  • Gauges Accessories

    Gauges Accessories

    SCUBA gauges are almost always sold as an integrated console, but now you can choose from our big range of single gauges and complete your SCUBA equipment, as you need. Our SCUBA gauges range includes gauges for air pressure monitoring and gauges that will indicate depth. At our online shop, ScubaOnline, you will find wrist mounted SCUBA gauges. Our SCUBA gauges include the gauge boot only.

    Chose the SCUBA gauges accessories that you need to complete your SCUBA diving equipment for a safe diving.

  • Dive Computers

    Dive Computers

    Dive Computers: World’s first Solar Powered Dive Computer. No battery changes powered up for life.

    Compatable with CASIO (Logosease) underwater communications.

    Choose configuration and type of Dive Computer that you need.

  • Dive Compasses

    Dive Compasses

    Dive Compasses: Apollo's Dive Compasses are specially calibrated for use in the southern hemisphere. These compasses have a sturdy construction that gives you the advantage of many years of service. They also have a unique pivoting design, allowing the AC40 to function even when held on an angle.

    Choose one of configurations of Apollo’s dive Compasses.

  • Dive Light

    Dive Light

    The most valuable companion to divers worldwide: the underwater light. The divers light enhances your deep-sea vision. ScubaOnline offers a huge range of diving lights, torches and strobes to suit your every need.

    Chose one of our diving lights, torches or strobe lights to ensure of your safety and comfort while SCUBA diving.

  • Dive Knives

    Dive Knives

    Dive Knife: Apollo stocks quality stainless steel dive knives, titanium dive knives, leg mounted dive knives, as well as BCD mounted dive knives.

    Our online selection of diving knives includes stainless steel and titanium knives which meet all requirements from recreational diving to military uses such as: SQR 50 HRC Titanium Knife, SQR 420 Stainless Knife or TAS-BLADE 52 HRC Titanium Knife.

    Complete your SCUBA gear with one of Apollo's quality SCUBA Knife, great SCUBA diving or spear fishing accessory.

  • Dive Boots & Socks

    Dive Boots & Socks

    Dive Boots: A dive experience with comfort in mind.

    Apollo boots are a comfortable, lightweight yet sturdy slip on boots for the budget conscious. The lightweight design ensures a very comfortable beach and water sports boot. Buy now your dive boots.

    Dive Socks: Apollo Fin Socks will keep your feet warm while diving. When the dive socks are used with full-foot fins they will prevent blisters. As an added benefit, the dive sock keeps any sand or debris pazicked up during use from rubbing against your foot. Apollo Dive socks come in a range of thickness to cover your needs.

    Choose the right dive socks for thermal insulation that will give you comfort in all water sports.

  • Dive Gloves

    Dive Gloves

    Our dive gloves will provide warmth and protection while you are diving. At the same time, you will have flexibility and a good grip while using them. All these features combined with gloves durability gives you the confidence that you choose the top quality diving gloves. Our range of diving gloves cover recreational diving, commercial diving and tactical operations.

    Find now the diving gloves that suits your needs.

  • Dive Hoods

    Dive Hoods

    Dive hoods play a key role in maximising your dive comfort in cooler water. We have a variety of designs of dive hoods to match your needs; from Drysuit Hood With Face Seal to Drysuit Hood With Face Seal with zip for easy donning; from short skirt dive hood to dive hood with extra long bib front and back minimises water flow and keeps hood tucked into wetsuits.

    Choose now the diving hood that best suits your needs.

  • Weights Belts

    Weights Belts

    Weight belts have a key role in the comfort, safety and enjoyment of a dive. ScubaOnline has weight belts for all situations and conditions. The weight belts are available as buckles that prevent your weight belt getting loose as your wetsuit compresses due to pressure changes. The Apollo expandable buckle is spring-loaded and automatically adjusts your belt as your suit compresses and keeps your weight belt firmly in place adding to your safety.

    Buy Weight belt and Weight Belt Buckle to complete your diving equipment.

  • Dive Bags

    Dive Bags

    Dive Gear Bag: Find the perfect Dive Gear Bag for your needs to protect and transport your dive gear.

    On the ScubaOnline website you will find a variety of dive gear bags: Gear Bags, Drysuit Bags, Regulator Bags, Fin Bags and Mesh Bags.

  • Catch Bags

    Catch Bags

    Heavy duty spring loaded catch bag features triple adjustable special marine grade stainless springs and handle, heavy duty nylon upper and an extra heavy duty mesh bottom. It has a huge carry capacity and would make the ideal catch bag for any diver or fisherman. Specially designed spring loaded latch allows easy one-handed operation.

    Buy now the world best catch bag.

  • Dry Bags

    Dry Bags

    Daybags: You love to spend lots of time in and on water, but you hate to get your gear wet. On ScubaOnline you will find fully-submersible, airtight drybags. Each and every bag is inspected to ensure that it is 100% leak proof. Mil-spec webbing, hardware, and stitching complete the details. Protecting electronics and other expensive items from water and dust can save you money. We feel that nothing gives better comfort and peace of mind during outdoor adventures than knowing that your gear is safely sealed in an airtight bag.

    So whether you are kayaking, rafting, fishing, hunting, sailing, SCUBA diving, biking, cruising or just going to the beach, have fun! We have got you covered with a suitable drybag!

  • Spearfishing


    Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that has embraced modern technology. Today, spearfishing makes use of elastic powered spearguns, slings, or compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns. There are specialized techniques and equipment targeting various fish. Spearfishing may be done using free diving, snorkelling, or SCUBA diving techniques.

  • Drysuits & Accessories

    Drysuits & Accessories

    APOLLO DRYSUITS are the safest in the world due to their patented ankle valve system that makes buoyancy control a breeze and an uncontrolled feet first ascent a thing of the past. Apollo drysuits use only the highest quality Japanese Microcell Neoprene that minimises compression at depth while remaining both flexible and warm. Our SCUBA GEAR factories in Japan can custom make dry suits to any size and also provide a large range of off the shelf sizes.

    Also a variety of drysuits accessories are available on ScubaOnline to complete the your existent gear.

  • Diver Propulsion Vehicles

    Diver Propulsion Vehicles

    (DPV) Diver Propulsion Vehicles: Apollo manufactured the original AV-1 for over 20 years. It has been recognized as one of the most reliable diver propulsion vehicles in the world. We are very proud to introduce the next genration in Underwater Propulsion Vehicles.

    Let the Apollo DPV to expand your underwater horizons.

  • DPV Accessories

    DPV Accessories

    DPV Accessories: Chargers for your DPV, Batteries, Arms, Saddles, Storage Cases, Neoprene Covers, about anything you will possibly need for your Apollo Sea Scooter you can find here on DPVs Batteries Chargers & Accessories section.

  • Dive Cylinders

    Dive Cylinders

    Dive Tanks: On ScubaOnline there are a wide range of high quality aluminium diving tanks, with or without valve. High grade aluminium constructed especially to meet Australian safety standards.

    More is not always better, and Dive Tanksyou should match your tank volume to your gas requirements.

  • Emergency Air Systems

    Emergency Air Systems

    EASs: With EAS Complete Bag And Decant/Filling Adaptor you take responsibility for your own safety with an extra air source.

    EAS Complete Bag And Decant/Filling Adaptor is a real LIFE SAVER !!!

    In this category you will find EAS Complete Bag And Decant/Filling Adaptor as well as accessories for it.

  • Underwater Communication

    Underwater Communication

    Underwater communication is a technique of sending and receiving message under water. Under water communication is difficult due to many factors. In underwater communication there are low data rates compared to terrestrial communication, since underwater communication uses acoustic waves instead of electromagnetic waves.
    Underwater Communication is essential, quality underwater communication may be life saving. You can find reliable and quality underwater commuincation devices on ScubaOnline.

  • Shark Defence

    Shark Defence

    The way in which the our products work is similar to the market-leading Shark Shield. The compact, rechargeable eSharkForce Pro unit omits electric waves that interfere with the gel in a sharks nose and keep them away from those individuals equipped with one of these devices.

    The eSharkForce Pro unit becomes active immediately upon submersion in salt water, providing you up to 8 hours protection against sharks.

  • Commercial & Technical Diving Equipment

    Commercial & Technical Diving Equipment

    Commercial & Technical Diving Equipment: ScubaOnline offers not only equipment for recreational diving activities but for commercial diving activities. Technical equipment, full face mask, hookan harness or pony systems are available under this category.

Dive Equipment revolutionized the world of diving since 1943 with the invention of Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus (SCUBA). SCUBA diving has become one of the main ways of performing underwater research and in the last years a way of entertiment.Divers, using dive equipment descend to various depths in order to observe gather information about the underwater environment, takink photos, filming or just enjoying of the fantastic underwater world.
Thanks to the innovation and availability of modern dive equipment provided by ScubaOnline, anyone can have the chance to explore this world.

Welcome to ScubaOnline.