Rewards Point

For any purchase you made on ScubaOnline you receive points You can always use(redeem) available points against a new order. Doing this you will pay less. If you have enough available points you can use them to pay full value of the current order. To compute points value please use the point calculator (always available… Read more »

Repairs or return

You can apply a product to be repaired does not matter if it was or not bought from Apollo Australia P/L. The application can be approved or not based on specific circumstances If a product is under warranty and if the warranty for that product was previously approved then the procedure is quite simple: Go… Read more »


Please register your products using “Warranty registration” area as soon as you bought it. Once you fill in and submit the Warranty application form an office operator will check warranty details and will approve it or will request more details. When you apply for a warranty please make sure: the product is bought from Apollo… Read more »


How it works? As a dealer or consumer you may receive special offers. A sales person or office operator can create an order with free/discounted items and/or more points and push this order to you as a “Quote”. You will be notified by email. When you receive the notification, go to “My orders” section and… Read more »

Templates (order templates)

Your own templates If you use to purchase specific products on regular basis you can use order templates. How it works? Let suppose you wish to buy mask, snorkels, tanks and rebreathers every 3 or 4 months, many sizes and colours. It may be quite stressful to look for them through all products and add… Read more »

Order with delivery in future

If you wish to make your life easy and secure your delivery (summer time rush for example) you can set delivery date of your order in future (up to one year) To do it, when you edit your order just select “I wish to be delivered in future” and set the delivery date. As long… Read more »


You can purchase from ScubaOnline website in two steps:  Add products to your current support  Preview your order and Confirm it. Preview order button is always available in products area Only logged in users can make purchases You can start adding products to your current order anytime and you can confirm that order later. To… Read more »