Aquabionic warp 1 – The World’s Most Advanced Fin

With its warp technology CETATEK introduces the world’s first water adapting responsive propulsion system for fins. The warp1 uses patent pending technology that spreads and cups the fin blade in response to increased load on actuator joints when the diver kicks harder.

This sophisticated design allows the fin to be flexible and maneuverable at low thrust and become increasingly more powerful when more propulsion is needed. The forced adapting dynamic spreading of the actuators and central membrane increase the surface area of the fin, capturing and accelerating more undisturbed water for most efficient propulsion. The forced dynamic cupping design allows for relatively low profile side rails while still minimizing side spill. This makes the warp1 not only an excellent fin for straight-line flutter kicks, but also a top performer for frog and scull style kicking as well.