Apollo DPV AVX

Apollo’s advanced underwater vehicle, the AVX DPV can be used for Military, Commercial or Recreational use.
Main Underwater Scooter AVX features – The Underwater Scooter AVX is equipped with an incredibly high efficiency brushless motor and driver
– Specially customized 1000Wh LiFePO4 Lithium ion battery for extended dives
– Heavy duty and high water pressure-resistant full-aluminum body
– Apollo’s innovative hands free riding system (saddle riding) and high efficiency adjustable pitch propeller are supplied as standard
– The Underwater Scooter AVX is capable of more than 30km! (*1)
– The Underwater Scooter AVX is capable of underwater speeds over 5.2km/h! (*2)
– Innovative scooter accessories are available such as a single-hand unit that is attached for specific purposes like cave diving!