About us

Apollo Australia Pty Ltd was founded by its CEO Mr Tim Bonner and has been serving the SCUBA, Government and Defence market with water operations equipment since 1988.

Our commitment to quality was recognised when we were awarded an International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) 9001:2008 / JIS Q 9001:2008 in October 2008. ISO is the premier “Quality Management System” recognized worldwide. Our continuous pursuit of excellence is one of the ways Apollo Australia maintains its competitive edge; this is also reflected through its many development projects. This has led Apollo Australia to produce such things as spacesuit components, helmets and cooling systems entrusted by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). We are more than just your average SCUBA equipment supplier.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our philosophy and this has allowed us to create a number of world firsts, like the low air warning system on analogue gauges and digital gauges. We were the first to adopt split fin technology and take it to the market along with being the first to introduce coloured mask frames. We are continuing to research and develop more and more innovations.

Scuba Equipment Demonstration & Training

The Apollo product range is continually expanding. We regularly hold in house product training sessions to ensure that new information can be related to dive store owners and their customers.

Training session - dive equipmentTraining session - dive equipmentTraining session - dive equipment

Scuba Gear Warehouse

At our warehouse in Sydney we stock a huge and diverse range of top quality scuba equipment from well known brands from all over the world. Your safety is our primary concern when we choose equipment for scuba diving here in Australia.

Scuba Equipment - WarehouseScuba Equipment - showroom Warehouse - Scooters ready for delivery (miitary)

Top Quality Scuba Gear

Apollo is well known here in Australia and around the world for the performance of our underwater scooters, comfort of our scuba masks and snorkels and being the innovator of split fin technology. Apollo products often lead the way in new and exciting scuba products.

Scuba EquipmentScuba Gear - showroomScuba Equipment - apollo fins

Military Marine Tactical and Amphibious Equipment

We have been operating as a manufacturer and distributor of Scuba Diving Equipment in Australia since 1988 and have been actively working in the defense area for supply of military amphibious marine tactical equipment for the past 10 years.
Apollo Australia predominantly specializes in most aspects of Amphibious Marine Tactical Equipment to Military, Special Forces, Police, Customs and other Government departments.

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