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Any product you buy from the ScubaOnline website (Apollo Australia Pty Ltd) or from any approved ScubaOnline dealer is covered by warranty as follows:

Limited lifetime warranty

Apollo regulators

24 months warranty

Instrumentation and bouyancy compensators

12 months warranty

General products

All Scooter Batteries have a 6 month warranty only from date of purchase as user mistreatment can severely shorten battery life.

PLEASE NOTE: All Cochran Undersea Technology and Olympus Imaging Australia repair and warranty issues must be dealt with by the manufacturers themselves.

For Olympus Imaging Australia please call 1300 659 678.

Cochran can be contacted on the following:
Phone: 0011 1 972 644 6284
Contact: John Corso

No Olympus or Cochran returns with be accepted by Apollo Australia Pty Ltd.

Please register your warranty as soon as soon as possible after purchase.



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