Spearfishing Print Catalogue

  • Spearfishing Fins

    Spearfishing Fins

    Spearfishing Fins: Motus Spearfishing Fins are ideal for spearfishing and free diving. These fins are longer, more flexible and of a simpler design than scuba diving fins as they are designed to get the spearfisher to greater depths while conserving energy and oxygen.

  • Spearfishing Mask

    Spearfishing Mask

    Spearfishing Mask: Ideal for either spear fishing, SCUBA Diving or Snorkelling. The Pelagio mask offers every feature you could want: super soft and comfortable, low volume black silicone skirt for a perfect fit with revolutionary push button buckles that allow for quick and easy adjustment.

    Buy the Pelagio spearfishing mask for an enjoyable spearfishing experience.

  • Spearfishing Snorkel

    Spearfishing Snorkel

    SVS spearfishing snorkel has been specifically designed for spearfishing and free diving. This spearfishing snorkel is made from a special polymer that allows the snorkel to bend against objects and then spring back into its original position.

    Buy the SVS spearfishing snorkel now!

  • Spearfishing Knives

    Spearfishing Knives

    Spearfishing Knives: Spearfishing is certainly making an impact on the Australian diving scene. You should not go on spearfishing trips without a dive knife. These are important safety items and also provide you with a fast and humane way to dispatch your prey. ScubaOnline offers top of quality spearfishing knives for your fishing experience.

    Find the perfect spearfishing knife to cover your needs and experience level at competitive price.

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that has embraced modern technology. Today, spearfishing makes use of elastic powered spearguns, slings, or compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns. There are specialized techniques and equipment targeting various fish. Spearfishing may be done using free diving, snorkelling, or SCUBA diving techniques.

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