Dive Gear Accessories Print Catalogue

  • Adapters


    SCUBA Gear Adaptors: ScubaOnline offers a wide range of adaptors for SCUBA equipment.

    On the ScubaOnline website you will find adaptors such as the 3 Way BCD Adaptor, Regulator Hose to BCD Hose, Male to Female Adaptors and more.

    Chose the SCUBA adaptors that you need for your SCUBA equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable diving experience.

  • Dry Cans

    Dry Cans

    If you need to keep safe and dry your sunglasses, mobiles or keys underwater, you will need our Dry Can with 52.5 mm x 128mm capacity.

    Chose the Dry Can which best suit your needs from our variety of colours and sizes.

  • Firepen


    FIREPEN is the latest scientific development with no analogues in the world. Its unique chemical composition makes it possible to cut through fittings, steel ropes, grills, pipes and other metal products in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is light a FIREPEN with a match.

    It is very useful in inaccessible areas; during works of elimination of consequences of natural and industrial disasters; in absence of electricity; when electric or gas welding equipment is not possible to use. FIREPEN works under water!

    Potential users of the proposed product can be army troops, fire departments, rescue services, maintenance crews, etc. The product can be used during operations in extreme conditions: accidents, fires, sudden natural disasters, debris removal, rescue operations, in the absence of electricity and no access to electric and gas welding equipment. The product is simple to use and does not require the skills of professional welders.

    Buy now the FIREPEN

  • Hangers


    Drysuit Hanger is the best method to dry and store your dry suit. The Configurable Drysuit Hanger is ideal for any drysuit diver who needs a purpose built hanger for their drysuit.

    Chose one of our Drysuit hangers to prevent crushing and creases your drysuit.

  • Hoses and Filling Whips

    Hoses and Filling Whips

    ScubaOnline offers a wide range of hoses for SCUBA equipment. You will find here two different types of hoses used for SCUBA equipment: Braided hoses for High Pressure (HP) and Low Pressure (LP) hoses. In addition to popular sport-diving hoses in a variety of lengths and fittings, new SCUBA hose technology has now developed a far stronger, lighter and abrasion resistant high pressure hose.

    Chose the rubber hoses that you need for your SCUBA equipment to ensure of safe and comfortable diving.

  • Lanyards


    Use these lanyards to keep your gear attached and usable during a SCUBA dive. Perfect for keeping your lights, camera or other accessories attached and ready to use.

    Choose one of our lanyards with durable and comfortable design.

  • Lift Bags

    Lift Bags

    Lift Bag with sophisticated and durable design. Useful for all your diving, salvaging and lifting needs. Our Lift Bag is equipped with pull dump valve and has a 20 kg lifting capacity.

    Buy our Lift Bag ideal for all divers to recover items from the bottom of the ocean.

  • Mouthpieces


    Mouldable Mouthpieces designed especially for your mouth. The new easy bite Regulator and Snorkel Mouthpieces are mouldable and easy on the mouth for longer dive and SCUBA comfort. All our Regulator Mouthpieces, SCUBA Mouthpieces come with guaranteed best quality.

    Find out here the best Mouthpiece for you.

  • Neoprene Seat Covers

    Neoprene Seat Covers

    Protect your car seats from all your diving or surf related mess with Neoprene Seat Covers. Install and remove in seconds. Fits all car or van seats.

    Simply place the Neoprene Seat Cover over the car seat before your diving or surf trip and this will catch all the sand and water droplets coming off your body. Then remove the cover for clean seat before work.

  • O-Ring Kits & Picks

    O-Ring Kits & Picks

    O-Ring Kits for your SCUBA diving equipment are available now for you on ScubaOnline. We have a small dive O-Ring Kit with O2 compatible Viton O-Rings, which come in 14 different sizes with 10 of each size giving you 140 O-Rings in total. Our large dive O`Ring Kit (NBR) contains 18 different sizes, 10 of each size giving you 180 O-Rings in total. Keep your diving equipment in peak working condition with our O-Ring Kits.

  • Reef Hook

    Reef Hook

    These are some of the reasons to use a Reef Hook when diving:

    • When diving in strong currents, hooking in with the Reef Hook allows divers to remain stationary and expend energy on being wowed and not on trying to stay in place.
    • As compared to trying to hold onto the corals or potentially kicking the reef by trying to stay close to the reef and out of the current, proper utilization of a Reef Hook can minimize the impact on the corals.
    • With the Reef Hook deployed the diver can use both hands to snap pictures of all the sharks and schools of fish gliding by in the currents.

  • Reels


    Reels are useful pieces of dive equipment that came very handy whether you are diving in open water or exploring caves and wrecks.

    Choose one of our reels for safe diving experience.

  • Retractable Lanyards

    Retractable Lanyards

    Retractable lanyard is lightweight and specially designed to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure. The retractable lanyard is easy to operate with retractable capabilities and swivel hook mount to allow greater mobility whilst in use, and locks off the gear to prevent losing it. The Retractable Lanyard is suitable for lights, cameras, gauges, game bags and any other diving accessory that can be hung.

    Choose the SCUBA retractable lanyard that best suits your SCUBA diving needs.

  • Safety Sausage - SMB

    Safety Sausage - SMB

    The Apollo Safety Sausage is big, bright and it cannot be missed! The Safety Sausage is an excellent addition to any SCUBA divers safety provisions.

    The Apollo Safety Sausage is a high quality, long lasting, excellent value, re-usable safety sausage. Make sure you are visible with the Safety Sausage from Apollo.

  • SCUBA Diving Tools & Lubricants

    SCUBA Diving Tools & Lubricants

    Lubricants, SCUBA Conditioners & Protectants, Cleaners & Solvents, Tools, Ultrasonic Cleaners and more SCUBA Diving Tools & Lubricants you will find here.
    As usual, Apollo Austrlia sells only high quality SCUBA Diving Tools & Lubricants.

  • Signalling Devices & Whistle

    Signalling Devices & Whistle

    ScubaOnline can provide you with whistles that operate only on the surface when wet and whistles that can be used underwater. Our whistles are built from materials resistant to salt ensuring longevity.

    Choose the whistle that is right for you.

  • Slates


    SCUBA divers carry plastic slates and pencils to communicate with other divers, to record facts underwater or read pre-dive plans. Our Writing Slate With Pencil is completed with elastic wrist strap and Retractable pencil on an extendable cord.

    Order our Writing Slate now to ensure that you will have the best equipment for recording your underwater observations.

  • Tickle Stick

    Tickle Stick

    Underwater Tickle Stick is very helpful for pointing out small little critters on structure when diving, plus it is an incredibly useful tool for underwater photography. It can be used to move things aside to help frame shots, or to stabilise yourself while doing macro photography.

    Also the Tickle Stick can be use during cray hunting to get crayfish out of their hiding places.

  • Weight Pockets

    Weight Pockets

    We stock a variety of weight pockets (standard or integrated pockets) for divers to add to their gear or to replace a lost one.

    Choose the right weight pocket for your gear.

Anti Fog, Bags, BIO Filters, Catch Bags, Dry Cans, Hangers, Lanyards, Lift Bags, Lights, Retractable Lanyards, Safety Sausage, Signalling Devices & Whistle, Slates, Weights Belts and much more.
You will need them to complete your SCUBA dive equipment and you will find all these diving gear here on ScubaOnline.

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