Commercial & Technical Diving Equipment Print Catalogue

  • Technical Equipment

    Technical Equipment

    Technical SCUBA Equipment: If you need things like: Spool with or without Handle, Over Pressure Relief Valve, 45 And 90 Degree Swivel, Twim Mounting Block or H-101D Twin Tank Manifold and more, you need to check Apollo's line.

    Find here anything you need for your SCUBA gear.

  • Full Face Mask

    Full Face Mask

    The Bio Full-face mask has been designed with superior vision in mind and additionally incorporates a high performance regulator for underwater construction & surveys, technical and military diving applications.

  • Hookah Harness

    Hookah Harness

    On ScubaOnline is offering affordable Hookah Harness equipment for surface-supplied diving for professional diving and military diving.
    For user convenience, there are two choices: bare Hookah Harness and Hookah Harness completed with 2nd stage.

  • Bio Pony System

    Bio Pony System

    Secure your cylinder in seconds with almost no effort. Conventional tank strap designs require strength to secure. When the tank strap band gets wet the belt expands and the holding force diminishes. The Bio Tank Lock has 10 times more (100KG) tightening torque than conventional tank strap systems. The Bio Tank Lock tightening screw makes installation and removal a breeze. The heavy-duty spring automatically adjusts as the webbing loosens and contracts keeping your tank in place.

Commercial & Technical Diving Equipment: ScubaOnline offers not only equipment for recreational diving activities but for commercial diving activities. Technical equipment, full face mask, hookan harness or pony systems are available under this category.

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